Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Come awn kids! Ev'rybodys readin' em.

This is a test run for Ink Pusher Comics' blog. Ink Pusher is a duo of loser comic non-artists that hate everything about their lives. The picture above is a cover to one of many comics that never saw it's end result. However, new comics are currently being kept secret until they are ready for purchase. Here's the goods.

- Ink Pusher's Presents.
2 original short stories based on the characters from Domesticate and Merry Go Round. stories by Marcus Anthony; art by Geoffrey Spurgin.

- Domesticate.
Man takes talking monkey to speak about animal rights in a Liberal's nightmare world. story and art by Geoffrey Spurgin

-Merry Go Round
Little girls find baby by the creek. Merry go rounds. Frogs. Rapists. Guns.
story by Marcus Anthony; art by Geoffrey Spurgin

Hopefully i will erase this soon with lots of cool stuff!

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